Academic book and papers on spiritual psychology

Academic book and papers on spiritual psychology

Completing Piaget’s Project is a book on transpersonal (spiritual) psychology, its basically a history of science from a transpersonal perspective that develops lines of thought relating to complex systems biology, and human development through the life cycle. View on publishers site. View on Amazon.

Academic papers

Some of Ed’s academic papers on transpersonal psychology/anthropology:

Dale, E. (2014b). Spiritual Consciousness and the Age of Quantity: The Strange Case of Jean Piaget’s Mysticism. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 21, 97-119

Dale, E. (2014a). Variability in the emergence point of transpersonal experience in the life cycle. Anthropology of Consciousness, 25, 143–164

Dale, E. (2013), Neo-Piagetian transpersonal psychology: A new perspective. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 45, 118-138

Dale, E. (2012). The equilibration of the self and the sense of sublation: Spirituality in thought, music, and meditation. Journal of Mind and Behavior, 33, 219–232

Dale, E. (2011). Evolutionary developmental biology, the human life course, and transpersonal experience. Journal of Mind and Behavior, 32, 277–294

Full reviews

Review by Prof Jorge Ferrer for the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology View PDF

Review by Prof Harry Hunt for the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology View PDF

Review by Dr Robin S Brown for World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research  Link

Review by Rene Wadlow for International Journal for World Peace Link


Review excerpts


“In sum, Dale’s Completing Piaget’s Project is a groundbreaking book that deserves to be not only widely read and discussed, but also used as textbook in courses on transpersonal psychology, developmental theories, and the philosophy of religious pluralism.” “I believe that Dale’s transpersonal psychological paradigm represents a genuine advance in transpersonal thinking”


“Ed Dale’s Completing Piaget’s Project is a strikingly original integration of the transpersonal psychology of higher states of consciousness with an expanded neo-Piagetian developmental perspective. Dale convincingly demonstrates the larger transpersonal context of Jean Piaget’s (1896-1980) life work, as revealed by both Piaget’s hitherto untranslated early (1920’s) empirical studies of religious understanding in childhood and in his personal spiritual awakening dramatized in an early (1918) thinly disguised autobiographical novel.”


“A remarkable rediscovery of one of the greatest psychologists in history.”

“Ed Dale has written a fascinating book which should be of interest to those who are serious in studying transpersonal and spiritual development.”


“This is a book for the ages. It is a book that may well shake and shift paradigms. I can not imagine someone writing a book of this nature again, at least not until advances in the neurosciences and evolutionary psychology leave some of this material outdated.”

“This book clearly merits publication with only minor revisions based on my review and those of others.”

“the growing field of transpersonal psychology will be a fertile ground for avid readers. As transpersonal psychology attempts to become more “mainstream,” it will find books like this one useful because it bridges mainstream psychology and transpersonal topics so well.”


“This is a dense, demanding, and rewarding read, reframing as it does the seminal work of Jean Piaget beyond its generally perceived atheism…. This is the Piaget unknown to psychology who was also making important contributions to biology, many of which have since been validated by more recent systemic models…. In the final analysis, the spiritual must incorporate the findings of modernity, which the author find plausible largely because of adaptive complex systems theory restoring a sense of directionality to our view of life.”

PUBLISHER’S REVIEW “It will make a tremendous difference in the world of transpersonal psychology and the reputation of Piaget”